Workshop:  INTRApreneurship for the Law Firm Lawyer

My intrapreneurship workshop is designed to introduce law firm attorneys to tangible entrepreneurial tools they can use to be a better, and happier, lawyer at the firm.  The workshop also introduces current lawyers to the mindset of business people and entrepreneurs, so that they can better understand their clients, their supervisors and their role as a service provider to business people.  The skills and approach that helped associates make it to the firm won’t alone be enough to make them successful and happy once they’re at the firm This workshop will help your attorneys change their mindset, change their tools and make the change to being a more entrepreneurial and business-savvy lawyer at the firm!

Workshop: Entrepreneurship for the Frustrated Lawyer

Some lawyers are ready to leave the law and start their own business.  Their challenge is that they don’t have a road map to help them make the transition to full-time entrepreneurship.  Lawyers have unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to transitioning to entrepreneurship.  What skills do I need to become an entrepreneur?  Can I learn the ones I don’t have?  Will my legal experience help me?  How do I decide what type of business I should start?  My entrepreneurship workshop will help lawyers thinking about taking the leap change to an entrepreneurial mindset, change the tools in their personal toolkit, and begin to make the change from being a Frustrated Lawyer to being an Excited Entrepreneur!  Whether you’re an individual ready to make the change, a membership organization made up of attorneys, or the organizer of a conference with attorneys in the audience, this workshop is for you!

Workshop: Entrepreneurship for the Future Lawyer

The world has become more exciting, and simultaneously more complicated, for law students and recent law school graduates.  The breadth of opportunities for future lawyers has never been greater.  At the same time, landing a legal job is no longer a given upon graduation.   Many clients – particularly those in the start-up world – need their attorneys to be more than just issue flaggers, their attorneys need to understand business, the entrepreneurial mindset, and to be problem-solvers.   Your law students and law student group members deserve to enter their legal careers with the tools to effectively navigate this new and exciting legal marketplace. My workshop will help law students start the journey to their next career – whether as a business-savvy and entrepreneurial lawyer or as a full-time entrepreneur!