For the last couple of years I have been writing a book for lawyers who want to become more entrepreneurial in their current legal jobs, or who want to eventually become full-time entrepreneurs. Lawyers face unique challenges in their quest to be more entrepreneurial, but also have special advantages when making the change as well.

I wrote the book because there should be a road map for lawyers who want to become entrepreneurs but don’t have an MBA. I also wrote the book for lawyers who want to continue their career as lawyers but want to be happier and better lawyers.  I truly believe that you will be a better lawyer if you leverage the tools of an entrepreneur, even if your plan is to remain a lawyer for the long-term.  My book will help you obtain the entrepreneurial tools you’ll need, whether you’re remaining a lawyer or you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial leap!  I've leveraged my experience as a Harvard-trained lawyer turned entrepreneur, as well as my last five years teaching entrepreneurship to Master's students at Georgetown, to write the book.

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