Are You in the Legal Career Matrix?

Do any of the following descriptions fit you or sound like someone you know?

  • You're a new lawyer with no bad performance reviews—but are still slow.
  • You're a mid-career lawyer whose peers are getting progressively more challenging assignments with key partners—but you're not.
  • You're a senior attorney working long hours—but won't make partner.

Those folks are stuck in the legal career Matrix!  Are you?  Want to get out?

Don't stay in the career Matrix, take the red pill from Morpheus!!

Don't stay in the career Matrix, take the red pill from Morpheus!!

How does someone end up in the Matrix?  You end up there if you only focus on:

  1. Working very hard;
  2. Becoming a better lawyer; and
  3. Doing good work.

Make the 3 moves above and you'll be fine...until you're not.  Happier Better Nation I'm not going to let that happen to you.  Friends don't let friends stay in the Matrix.

Here's your 7 Step Road-map to get out of or avoid the Legal Career Matrix:

  1. Focus on the three moves above, AND
  2. Have a vision for your career & seek out assignments that advance that vision;
  3. Promote and build a strong personal brand;
  4. Establish strategic working relationships inside and outside of the firm;
  5. Practice self-care:  Take vacations and mini-breaks, practice mindfulness/yoga/meditation, and seek counseling when needed;
  6. Cultivate mentors AND sponsors at the firm;
  7. Exercise regularly, eat healthy & get sleep (like Arianna Huffington told us)!

Sooo...are you in the real world or in the Matrix?  Are you making the 7 moves I've laid out above? If not, and you're in the Legal Career Matrix, consider me your Morpheus with the red pill, I can help get you out of there!

- Calvin