How to Get a lot of Sh*t Done

Hellooo Happier Better Nation!  We all have a lot of sh*t to get done.  Here's how:

5-Step Productivity System:
Routinize and

Here's how to use my system.  Put together a list of all the recurring to-do's you have in a month, and ask yourself each question in the order below. You want to go in order because I want YOU to do as little as possible and still get results.  That's why I have you start with the robots.  I use a lot of different tools to execute on these, but to start I'll include my favorite tool for the first three steps.

  1. AUTOMATE? (Can I get the robots and the apps to do it?)
    • Favorite Tool:  IFTTT - I used to post to each of my social media accounts separately.  But now I use IFTTT to automatically connect my accounts and do the work for me. So for example, when I post on Happier Better Lawyer's Instagram page, IFTTT also posts to HBL's Twitter account and Facebook page.  That's just one example, but you can use IFTTT to do a ton of personal and business tasks too!
  2. DELEGATE?  (Can I get somebody else to do it?)
    • Favorite Tool:  Upwork - The truth is, half of the things you do yourself someone else could do them faster and better--and they actually like doing them!  I have a virtual executive assistant that I found through Upwork (She's a lifesaver, hi Tab!), a virtual bookkeeper, and a virtual videographer who created my Happier Better Lawyer promotional video.  And I've never met any of them!
  3. OPTIMIZE?   (If I do it myself, can I do it more efficiently?)
    • Quickbooks Online and Popmoney - Whether I'm trying to get paid (invoicing) or paying certain bills on a recurring basis, both of these are the way to go.  I can just hit a couple of buttons and I'm done!
  4. ROUTINIZE? (Would a routine help me do it more effectively?)
    • Routines make your days more efficient.   I do certain tasks at the same time every day or every week.  When you do something at the same time consistently your brain becomes super efficient at getting that thing done.  I do most of my administrative work on Fridays (it's annoying but I know happy hour is right around the corner!).  I do most of my Instagram content creation on Sundays.  It's my best creative time! 
  5. EVALUATE.  (Is the system working? Evaluate the results and adjust as needed.)
    • Don't just set it and forget it!  Automate, delegate, optimize and routinize your to-do list, but then evaluate each choice monthly to confirm that it's working for you. Ask yourself three questions to evaluate your productivity choices:
      1. Are they freeing you up to do more? 
      2. Are they freeing you up to do less?  
      3. Do they help you feel more in control?

That's my productivity system.  I hope you *ahem* adore it.  What do you think? Share with us in the comments any app recommendations or other tips you have. Please subscribe to the blog or follow me on the 'Gram so you won't miss more tips like these.  If you like it, please also share this with your friends and colleagues who also need a system to get more sh*t done!

-- Calvin