The 7 Wrap-Around Skills Junior Lawyers Need

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We focus most of our training for junior lawyers (and law students) on technical skills and core competencies.  We continue this approach despite knowing that non-technical skills (I call them "Wrap-Around Skills") are just as important, if not more important, to the retention and success of our youngest attorneys.

There are seven Wrap-Around Skills that all junior lawyers need to thrive:

  • Wellness:  How to Focus on Their Own Wellness (Focusing on Happiness Should be Offense, not Defense)
  • Time Management:  How to Manage Their Time (Don't just be Productive, be Effective and Efficient)
  • Personal Branding:  How to Build a Personal Brand (Either They Build One, or the World Will Build One For Them)
  • Entrepreneurial:  How to Leverage an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Tools (Be an INTRA-preneur as a lawyer in an organization)
  • Teamwork:  How to Supervise Supervisors and Work with Peers and Staff (Lawyering is a Team Sport)
  • Relationship Building:  How to Build Successful Relationships (Relationships are the Key to All Success)
  • Career Management:  How to Manage their Early Career (Be the CEO of their Legal Career)

We need to give our junior lawyers the gift of Wrap-Around Skills not "once they're more senior," but as a core part of their early training. 

What do you think is the #1 Wrap-Around Skill?

Would you add any Wrap-Around Skill to my list?

Are you teaching your junior lawyers these Skills?

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-- Calvin