Calvin Gladney

Happier Better Lawyer, LLC

Founder and
Managing Partner

Mosaic Urban


I grew up poor with a single mom in public housing in Brooklyn, and in my world the word "entrepreneur" did not exist.  But I did know the word "hustle."  And hustle I did. In my senior year in high school, I sold enough $2 chocolate candy bars to pay for my senior trip to Chicago!

Books were my second teacher.

My mother was a prolific reader during my childhood, and accordingly so was I.  I firmly believe reading helped me escape the projects and make it to Cornell and Harvard Law School.  Even as a new attorney at Latham & Watkins, I read business books to learn the tools of an entrepreneur.  Most of the books, however, assumed I had some experience as a business person.  But I didn’t.   I couldn’t find resources that understood my unique strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer without a business degree.

Experience was my final teacher.

In 2007 I founded Mosaic Urban Partners, a real estate investment and consulting firm.  I left the law and founded Mosaic because I passionately believed that people deserve an equitable approach to the revitalization of their neighborhoods.  Since 2009, I’ve also been teaching entrepreneurship to graduate students at Georgetown, proving to me that entrepreneurship skills are teachable and learnable—you don’t need to be a born entrepreneur or get an MBA.

And now…Happier, Better Lawyer.

I started the Happier Better Lawyer community because there should be resources and a community for three types of lawyers:  1) Lawyers who want to stay in the law but leverage the tools of an entrepreneur to be a better, and happier, lawyer; 2) Lawyers who want to leave the law to become entrepreneurs; and 3) Future lawyers currently in law school who are contemplating their legal career.  Read more about the Happier Better Lawyer mission hereYou can also read my more formal bio below.

Calvin Gladney is a real estate entrepreneur, author and professor who occasionally mentions he went to Harvard Law School when he forgets that he is a fully-recovered attorney who no longer practices.  He is the author of the upcoming book, “Happier, Better Lawyer:  Entrepreneurial Tools for the Frustrated Lawyer,” where he provides a roadmap and inspirational guide for lawyers.  Mr. Gladney is the founding partner of Mosaic Urban Partners, a real estate investment and consulting firm which helps revitalize urban neighborhoods around the country.   Mr. Gladney is also a nationally-recognized public speaker on the revitalization of cities and urban neighborhoods.

In past lives that he mentions only in bios, Mr. Gladney was the General Counsel of BRIDGE Housing Corporation, a private developer in San Francisco, CA, Senior Development Director and Counsel at the National Capital Revitalization Corporation (NCRC), a quasi-public D.C. real estate corporation, and also spent four years of his life as a hard-working real estate associate at Latham & Watkins, an international law firm. 

Mr. Gladney graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, received his B.S. from Cornell University and is a LEED Accredited Professional.  He is a Trustee of the Urban Land Institute. Mr. Gladney also serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's Masters in Real Estate Program where he co-teaches a class on real estate entrepreneurship.   In his spare time Mr. Gladney…Mr. Gladney doesn’t have any spare time.